Commanding Officers
Commanding Officers of the 756th Tank Battalion
during wartime:
The following is an incomplete listing of commanding officers to the 756th Tank Battalion.  This list
represents the wartime years only.  Check back at a later date for prewar and postwar additions.

Source: The History of the Third Infantry Division in World War II edited by Donald G. Taggart,
reprinted by The Battery Press, Nashville, 1987. pg. 572
(Highest Rank Held)
Held position from:
Lt. Col. Harry W. Sweeting
Beginning of war
2 Mar 1944
Major Welborn G. Dolvin
2 Mar 1944
13 Mar 1944
Lt. Col. Glenn F. Rogers
13 Mar 1944
14 Feb 1945
Major Oscar S. Long
14 Feb 1945
13 April 1945
Major Edwin Y. Arnold
13 April 1945
End of the War