From: Clarence G. Channel
Date:  August 29th, 2011
My Dad, Clarence E Channel, was in D co. 756th Tank Battalion according to his discharge. He had little to say about his
war experience before his death in 1990. I know he drove tanks, landed in North Africa, and believe he saw his first
combat in Sicily. I also remember him talking about the bombing  of the Monastery at Cassino. I would love to hear from
anyone who served with him. This picture was taken in Naples. Outstanding website!
Clarence G. Channel

(Click on photo to enlarge)
From: Charles Preuss
Date:  March 14th, 2011

I am wondering if anyone knew my Dad or have any further info about him from  World War II. He was in the 756 Tank
Batallion in the 3rd Infantry division,and was promoted to 2nd Lieut by the time the war ended. He was given the Purple
Heart, the Bronze star, and many other award Citations, including La Croix De Guerre. He is Charles W. Preuss
(Pruess-some may have known him by this last name-misspelled) ) 2nd Lieut. He passed in June 2004, but never spoke
of his war events, but did say that the Mt Castille battle was the worst.  Charles Preuss-Son
From: Jeff Danby (for Dave Deputy)
Date: February 11th, 2011

Dave Deputy, grandson of Sgt. Frank Deputy, is hoping someone out there has information on his grandfather. (Please
see Feb 2006 post and photo further below.)  Please note that Dave's e-mail has changed from the early post.  New
e-mail is posted above.  
From: Jeff Danby (for Richard S. Cory, Jr.)
Date: February 5th, 2011

Richard S. Cory, Jr., son of T/5 Richard S. Cory, Sr., veteran of the 756th Tank Battalion, reports that his father passed
away on October 17th, 2009.  His service decorations included the Purple Heart, Good Conduct medal, Bronze
Arrowhead (participation in amphibious landing), Distinguished Unit Badge, and American Theatre and Mediterranean
Theatre Campaign Medals. Richard, Jr., was kind enough to share two wartime photos of his father (below).  One was
likely taken in Italy in 1944.  The portrait was likely taken in 1945 at war's end.

(Click on photos to enlarge)
From: Jeff Danby (for Verus Langham)
Date: November 22th, 2010
Verus Langham, son of 1st Lt. Verus M. Langham Sr, is still seeking any information on his father's service with the 756th
Tank Battalion. (See his earlier November 27th, 2007 post below for details and additional photo.) He is posting this new
photo of his father taken in 1942 while at Fort Knox.  Contact him at the above e-mail if you can help.

(Click on photo to enlarge)
From:  Jeff Danby (for the Pflugrad family)
Date: September 20th, 2009
The family to Sgt. Winton M. Plfugrad would like to know if anyone remembers him.  They are trying to reconstruct his
service history.  Sgt. Plfugrad served in C Company of the 756th Tank Battalion throughout most of the war.  Please
contact the webmaster at if you have any information about him.

(Click on photos to enlarge)
From: John Grindahl
Date: August 19th, 2008
Looking for a pair of WWII era 756th Unit collar insignias to complete the uniform for Seargeant Clarence Johnson.  Any
help appreciated.  Contact
Thank you,
From: Jim Tarrant
Date:  January 18th, 2008

My father PFC Orval J. Tarrant was with the 756 Company D and I was looking at your web site and noticed that you had
a site for Bronze Star winners.  A couple of days ago I was looking through some old papers of my dad's and found the
orders and the citation write up.  He was awarded the Bronze Star 10 March 1945 for valorous conduct in the rescue of 2
serious wounded comrades.  My dad was very proud that he served his country but talked very little of what he did in the
war.  After I returned from Nam in 1971 he talked to me some about his actions in the war because he thought I might
understand a little of what combat was like.  .  My only request is that you enter his name on the list of Bronze star winners
so people will know of his accomplishment.  If you need a copy of the orders and citation write up to verify this award I
would be happy and proud to send it to you.   You can reach me by email at  Thank you      Jim

Webmaster's note:  The Bronze Star (awarded by 3rd ID HQ) was for heroic actions on November 22, 1944.  Pfc Torrent
pulled two wounded men while under fire from their light tank after it was knocked out. He and a companion were credited
with killing or wounding ten enemy soldiers while rescuing their wounded comrades.  His name has now been added to
the awards listing on this website.
From :  Jeff Danby (for Steve Lavinski)
Date: December 8th, 2007

Steve Lavinski, grand nephew to T/5 Chester Lavinski is seeking information on his great uncle's service in the 756th
Tank Battalion.  T/5 Lavinski was decorated at least twice with the Bronze Star--one for heroic actions in Germany on
March 19th, 1945 while serving in A Company.  Chester was born in 1911 and entered service in 1942 from Ohio.  He
passed away in Spokane, Washington, in 1988.  Anyone who remembers Chester Lavinski, please contact Steve at the
above e-mail address.
From :  Jeff Danby (for Verus Langham)
Date: November 27th, 2007

Verus Langham, the son of 1st Lt. Verus M. Langham Sr, is seeking information on his father's service with the 756th
Tank Battalion.  Lt. Langham died of wounds three days after being captured on December 30th, 1944.  Lt. Langham was
among six men from B Company/756th who were captured during an evening raid on "Hill 216" near Bennwihr, France.  
Both tanks involved in that raid were ambushed and knocked out, killing two crew members.  Two other crewmembers
escaped.  Lt. Langham was mortally wounded and succumbed to his injuries on January 2nd, 1945 while in captivity.  
Any information that a reader of this message might have of this incident of of Lt. Langham's service would be greatly

(Click on photo to enlarge)
From: J. Fleming
Date: June 8th, 2006

Thank you for publishing this very interesting website.
My father, Joseph Taft, Cpl, entered active service in December 1942 and was in Company A, 756th (separated Sept.
1945)  He was a gunner medium 2736 and served in the European and Mediterranean Theaters. He received a Purple
Heart for shrapnel injuries he acquired in Rome-Arno in February 1945. I only have his discharge paper to go by, and
would appreciate it if anyone could tell me what this means:
Purple Heart GO#195 HQ 3RD DIV W/1 OLC.
Thank you.
P.S. By any chance, would anyone happen to have known him?

(Click on photos to enlarge)
From: Joseph Vignolo
Derry, New Hampshire
Date: March 14th, 2006

Hello. I am trying to research my uncle's war record. He was Sgt. Armando (Eddie) Vignolo. He was a tank commander
with the 756th. Specifically, I am trying to find out how he won a Bronze Star on April 9th, 1945. Also, he once told me
about a specific action where he was last in line in a tank column that was ambushed in a valley. Does anyone remember
him or know anything about either of these two events from WW2? Thanks, your help will be appreciated. :-)
From: Peter Dossing
Austin, Texas
Date: February 9th, 2006

My father, T/5 Elmer Musil, was a tank driver in D Company, 756th Tank Bn. He entered the Army in late 1943 or early
1944. He was killed on Feb 3, 1945 outside Colmar, France. He came from the Chicago area. Any information about him
or his friends would be appreciated.
From: David Deputy
Date: February 6th, 2006
I have been looking for any information about my grandfather Sgt. Frank (Bud) Deputy. I know very little about his time in
the service and I would be intrested in any information known about him. I have included a photograph of him taken at Ft.
Lewis, Washington. You are welcome to use the picture on the site if you choose. Thank you for the work you have done
on the site, I have enjoyed learning about the men my grandfather served with.

(Click on photo to enlarge)
From: Char Holbrook
Date: January 25th, 2006

I was pleased to find your website. I have looked for a long time about any information on the 756 Tank Battalion. My
uncle Johnnie Bowman from Ms was killed when his tank exploded while he was cleaning it. He is buried at Anzio, Italy.
IS it possible that people attend your reunion that might have been with my uncle in May of 1944 in Italy? I want to learn all
I can about his death. Thank you, Char
From: Mike
Date: December 28th, 2005
Here is a picture of my grandfather in theatre, Roy Kosanke. He served in Bravo company as a T/4.
There are more pictures of my grandfather that I have posted on my webpage.
I also have videos available from reunions that I've recently come across.

(Click on photo to enlarge)
Name :   Steve Cornette
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   GREAT SITE!! Very impressed with the photos. My wifes grandfather served in the 3rd div. 15th
reg. company I. Im collecting everything I can on the 3rd and its attached elements. Saw the 3rd ID. Unit Badge on a
sherman in one of your photos. Tell me, was
Name :   Herbert Peters Jr.
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Son of deceased (8/2005) member of 756th Company B.
Name :   Mary C Newcomb
Address (optional) :   13512 Tregaron Drive
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   A moving testimony to our fathers who gave so much so that we all could lead such wonderful
lives. Dad (Frank Cockerill) just told me about the site tonight and as soon as I could I logged in. Thanks for doing this.
Name :   Christina
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My grandfather was in company B as a cpl. His name was Anthony Tumio from New York. He
recently passed away. I found this website by fluke. I was wondering if anyone knew him and had any stories? He spoke
little of the war. It says his tank was bn, not su
Name :   Gregory Alexander
Address (optional) :   Branson Missouri
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Thanks so much for putting together this website. This website is a treasure for me. I have
looked periodically on the internet for information on the 756th and have not been able to find very much information. My
father, Willis J. Alexander was with
Name :   Buddy Waller
Address (optional) :   box 42 Bremen ,ky 42325
E-mail address :   Elderbud @
Question or Comment :   My father Jesse Waller served in company A .Anyone remembering him or anything about him
,please write me .I am his son
Name :   Rick Hunter
Address (optional) :   Corpus Christi, TX
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I am searching for a 756th unit patch. I am building a memorial case for a friend whos father SGT
Jack Walters was in the 756th in Africa. If anyone knows where I can obtain a patch please contact me at my email
Name :   Candayce Cargile
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My father was Ansel M. Colvin. I was doing some ancestry research when I stumbled on this web
site. My father didnt speak much of the war, but I know he felt a strong bond with his fellow soldiers. My father passed
away in June of 1995. Over the
Name :   Mick gladwin
Address (optional) :
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Excellent site, great information. Keep up the good work.
Name :   Ruth Redle McGough
Address (optional) :   1387 Northwoods Trail Wadsworth, Ohio 44281
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Great website! Looking forward to this years reunion....unfortunately little Joseph will be in
school ...he is bummed.....He still talks about the reunion and absolutely loved it!!!!
Address (optional) :   England
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I wish to make contact with anyone that remembers the occupation of Merkwiller-Pechelbronn,
Alsace France, 13th December 1944. Understand the 756th along with the 103rd Infantry Div passed thru this small
Town, and surveyed the ruins of the Oil Refinery l
Name :   Nick Motto
Address (optional) :   Carlotta, CA
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I am seeking information from 756th Vets who may recall the color/camoflage scheme of the
units tanks in the French campaign. I am building a scale model of a 756th M4A1 and I want the paint job to be accurate.
Name :   julio muniz
Address (optional) :   254 elbo ln
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :    
Name :   James Stone
Address (optional) :   5348 Lake Lawson Rd. Virginia Beach VA 23455
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My father was a 756 tanker Charles H Stone
Name :   Nicolas BISSARDON
Address (optional) :   France
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Very good website with a lot of informations. When we know what they do during this war, we just
can say thank you boys.
Name :   Elaine Fisher
Address (optional) :   4914 Timber Heights, San Antonio, TX 78250
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Jeff: What a wonderful website and such hard work. Thank you so much. I am Herman Turpins
daughter and I know how hard you have worked. Daddy is greatly saddend by the fact that he wont be able to be at the
reunion this year. He looked forward to them so
Name :   John DElia
Address (optional) :   Houston, Texas
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My Father D’Elia, Nunzio J., T/5 from Jersey City, NJ served with the 756th Tank Battalion in
WWII. My brother and I would like to get in contact with anyone who knew him.
Name :   David Deputy
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I wrote a few months ago looking for information about my grandfather Sgt. Frank (Bud) Deputy.
We have a new e-mail address, listed above. I know a little about his time in Europe, but not much. Any information is
appreciated. Thank you.
Name :   Gary C. Olson
Address (optional) :   26568 179th Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I found your site and was very glade to see my fathers name there. My father T5 Charles M
Olson was very proud to be part of the 756 Tank BN. I am trying to put together where all he has been ane what all he
had done. I think your site is a great tribute
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My father, BRUNO J POKSTIS, serve with the 756th Tank Battalion, during the WWII, anyone
who knew my father and would like to share some memories, i would appreciate. It. He has since past on, I am his son, I
live in New York, I am a New York City Firefig
Name :   David Deputy
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My grandfather was Sgt. Frank (Bud)Deputy. I was hoping that someone would have some
information about his time in the service. If you do I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me. I thing this site is great. I
have enjoyed learning about the 756th. I
Name :   Nick Motto
Address (optional) :   Carlotta, CA
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My father, also Nick Motto, was a member of Dave Redles Company B. He served from North
Africa, through Italy and Southern france with the 756th when his tank was knocked out on October 25, 1944 near
Nompatalize, France. I would like to hear from any ho k
Name :   Jeff Malsam
Address (optional) :   3109 Fremont Ave So, Minneapolis MN
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Jeff, Great website! You really put a lot of work into this and it has paid off. Well done. -J.M.
Name :   Budd Fink
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   You have done a herculean job in preparing this web site. Thanks from all of us
Name :   John Nofs
Address (optional) :   8660 Point Charity Ave. Sand Point, Mi. 48755
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Hello Jeff, Saw some of your hard work at you parents house on our visit last month. You have
done one outstanding job and im sure your grandfather is smiling down on you. I told your father to put me on the list for
your book when it comes out. Joh
Name :   Rynda Monson
Address (optional) :   1276 W Canary St , SLC Ut 84123
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I think this is a wonderful tribute to all of the members of the 756th! You have done a remarkable
job, and the dedication to your grandfather is of great admiration to us all! My father (Ralph Donley) is a proud member of
the 756th Tank Battalion and has
Name :   Laura Gray
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I am a nurse currently caring for a former member of this unit. My husband and myself are
military history buffs, and have been thoroughly fascinated by this site. Thank you all so much for what you did for our
nation, and for sharing with another generat
Name :   Greig Lewis
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Great website! I wish my father French Lewis was around to see the pictures!
Name :   Dick Offerman
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   My Dad was Cletus Offerman who served in Company B. I am interested in finding any articles or
pictures of this company. Thanks
Name :   Rex Nall
Address (optional) :   2800 47th St, Snyder,TX.
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I wrote a story on Company C. If you want the story, please let me know.I have loaned it to Jeff
Malsom in Minnesota. Sincerely, Rex Nall
Name :   Les Stevens
Address (optional) :   Dryden, Michigan
E-mail address :    
Question or Comment :   Remarkably well constructed website. A wonderful tribute to your Grandfather and all his fellow
Name :   Wilhelmina Cooremans-Vasquez
Address (optional) :   9518 Powhatan Drive San Antonio, Texas 78230
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Magnificent web site. Looking for anyone who remembers PFC Refugio M.(Mike)Vasquez, Sgt
Andrew Boyle or Covie Ray. Have pictures of Mike in Italy. Many pictures without names. Will share.
Name :   John Hall
Address (optional) :    
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   Looking for any information on my grandfather listed as 2Lt. Charles E. Hudson. Great website.
Name :   Joe Wolf
Address (optional) :   13823 Jennifer Rd. Omaha, Nebraska 68138
E-mail address :
Question or Comment :   I think the website is great and Im so excited to read more about the 756th. Dave Redle is my
Great Uncle and I attended the 2004 reunion in Omaha, Nebraska. It was an event that I will never forget. Being in the
same room with WWII hereos and being able
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Most recent messages are posted at the top, older messages follow...
Date: January 13th, 2019

From: A WWII Collector

RE:  WWII Nazi Party Podium banner signed by members A Company of the 756th Tank Battalion.

"If anyone interested in purchasing this podium banner, please contact
me at 281-864-8423. I bought it at an auction 6 years ago as I like to
collect WW2 memorabilia. However, since I learned about this website,
I realize that it may hold some sentimental value to someone rather
than sitting in my closet and I would be willing to part with it. See
photos attached".

(Click to enlarge)
Date:  August 13th, 2018

From Maureen Brown:

"Bedford Millard Brown was born March 9, 1919 and died March 25, 1991.  He was an American Hero in World War II; he
was awarded a Silver Star for Gallantry in Action for carrying all the crew members from his knocked-out tank destroyer
across enemy lines to safety in Rosenkrantz, France during the "hell in the Snow" battle for the Colmar Pocket; He was
also awarded the French Croix de Guerre (Military Cross) at Rosenkrantz, France, the Belgian Fourragere for bravery
above and beyond the call of duty, and many other campaign medals. Dad was attached to Patton's Third Army from July
13, 1944 to July 1, 1945, during which time the Colmar Pocket campaign took place.  He was then sent to Austria, where
he freed concentration camps, and finally to Berchtesgaden, Germany for Hitler's finale.  The most decorated of ALL
American WWII soldiers, Audie Murphy, fought for the Colmar Pocket and tells some gruesome stories about it.  Dad was
right in the middle of it--right there with him."

(Click photo to enlarge)
Date:  April 5th, 2018

Dave Deputy, grandson to Cpl Frank Deputy,would like to share this photo with the 756th Tank Battalion community.  The
photo back identifies the four men standing (left to right) as: Staff Sgt Paul Vekasey, Cpl F.A. Deputy, 1st Sgt Donald R
Finnestead, and Pvt Frank Carmello.  

(Click photos to enlarge)   
Date:  June 4th, 2014

Kyle Leonard, the great grandson of Pvt Raymond E. Leonard of the 756th Tank Battalion, would like to share this
photo of his great grandfather.  This appears to have been taken sometime in Germany in 1945  The tank behind Pvt
Leonard is an M4A3E8.  The sandbags are to help prevent panzerfausts from penetrating the armor.  This photo
survived a tornado that hit Leonard Illinois earlier this year...

(Click on Photo to enlarge)
Date:  May 3rd, 2014

Leigh Ann Johnson is the daughter of T/4 Ernest P. Barnard of the 756th Tank Battalion.  She remembers that he spoke
little about the war but did mention fighting at Cassino and of an Italian woman who made bread for them.  Leigh is hoping
someone is still living who remembers her father or perhaps the family of a 756th Tank Battalion veteran might recall his
name being mentioned.  Contact Leigh at or call her at (865) 922-9786 if you can help.
Date:  March 6th, 2013

Captain Mike Duerr, S1 for HQ of the 1/94 Cavalry Squadron recently wrote that his grandfather, Norwood Meisinger is
alive and well. Norwood was a T5 in the 756th Tank Battalion during WWII and Mike is now an officer in armor!  Here is a
photo of Mike in his "office"....